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96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Signs for Doomsday

November 18, 2019
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The signs are there …. doomsday for B_END

Yen Yen caught in ‘Yes-No battle’ in Malacca which is considered a BN fortress!

After Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen has engaged in a ‘Yes-No’ battle with a stubborn crowd in Malacca that was determined to humiliate the minister with repeated shouts of “No! No! No!”

NONEAccording to Nanyang Siang Pau, the battle of words exploded as Ng was giving speech during a Chap Goh Meh public celebration on the heritage Jonker Street in the city last night.

She said the BN UMNO government would organise a bigger Chap Goh Meh celebration if it won the coming general election, and asked the crowd to concur with her by saying “yes”.

However, the Chinese-majority crowd responded with a clear shout of “No! No! No!”

Unperturbed, the MCA vice-president tried to convince them.

“You have to wake up. The facts are there. You have to say ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’,” Ng said, but her call was met with louder shouts of “No! No No!”

The minister did not give up.

She compared Malacca with her home state of Kelantan, which banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day and lotteries under the PAS rule, calling on the crowd to appreciate the developments brought by Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam.

Ng then shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!” but again, the crowd responded with “No! No! No!”

Appearing a little frustrated, Ng began to raise her voice and said, “Those who said ‘no’, go and ask others, go ask the hawkers at Jonker Street how much they earn each day.

“Don’t sell out Malacca’s tourism and economy for politics. (You) should say ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’”

Ng said power was in the hands of the people and they should be able to see and feel which party was working for the people.

Then she again shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!” but the stubborn crowd still replied, “No! No! No!”.

Ng finally gave up and ended her speech with festive greetings to the people.

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Nepotism in Cabinet

November 18, 2019
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Nepotism, cronyism in Cabinet if Anwar becomes PM

Nepotism and cronyism will rule the Cabinet if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim assumes the prime minister’s mantle, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned today within hours of the opposition leader unveiling the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact’s manifesto for Election 2013.

Oh really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you were the guru and not labelled the Father of Modern Corruption and abuse of power without any basis.

The former prime minister mounted a scathing attack against his ex-protégé, accusing the latter of having made various defamatory statements against his kin as the opposition bloc stepped up its pace in the race to wrest Putrajaya from the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).

“The Keadilan party belongs to Anwar Ibrahim,” Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog, referring to the PR anchor party.

“If he becomes prime minister certainly the Cabinet will be filled with his family and his friends as ministers. Easy to do anything,” he added.

Dr Mahathir also said that Anwar had set up a political party and installed his wife to be its president, his daughter to be its vice-president and a close friend to be its deputy president.

He alleged that when Anwar was his deputy and the finance minister, the latter had given out many contracts to his political supporters and his family.

“The Ministry had displayed during the Umno general assembly a list of those who got contracts while he was in power. In the list are the names of his supporters and family. Not one of my children was listed,” Dr Mahathir said.

The still-influential Umno politician noted that he had never once played favourites when it came to dishing out lucrative government contracts while in power, unlike Anwar, whom he said had previously shown a tendency to pick and choose his family and friends for top political or business jobs.

The 87-year-old appeared particularly defensive of his eldest son Mirzan, whose positions as a one-time board member on Manila-based corporate giants San Miguel Corp and currently in oil company Petron, have frequently been used as targets for Anwar and PR politicians.

“After the defamation thrown against him, my son resigned. Now he is only a director in the oil company Petron.

“If Anwar’s child and wife can be politicians, why can my children not enter into business for themselves without being defamed by Anwar? No more political capital?” Dr Mahathir asked.

In a final challenge to his nemesis, Dr Mahathir dared Anwar to swear an oath on the Quran regarding the latter’s second sodomy case, which has dogged the PKR leader despite his acquittal by the Kuala Lumpur High Court last year.

Dr Mahathir is known to be highly critical of Anwar, whom he had picked and groomed from a firebrand Islamic scholar to be his successor to head the government in the 1990s but sacked in 1998 after sodomy and corruption allegations surfaced.

Anwar, who is touted to be PR’s most likely candidate for prime minister, had earlier today promised the pact will enrich Malaysians regardless of their racial affinity.

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Nigerian Scammers

November 18, 2019
yahoo boys3 - Nigerian Scammers


What is it about?

Most Nigerians live in Malaysia are dealing with drugs and still working on cheating money. They are after both locals and foreigners. Nigerians use fake documents to get a student visa in Malaysia. They rent a home here, sign up in many sites hunting for more victims out there.

They involved in job scams, lottery scams, dating scams and 419 scams(Advance fee fraud) you will receive calls from a local woman or man impersonating a customs officer, telling you that a parcel(money) had been held up for custom checks and ask you to deposit money into a bank account for whatever reason before you can collect the parcel(money). STOP. IT’S A SCAM! These scammers are here to stay, they are serious, and their target is you.

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

GE13 may be Sarawakians

November 18, 2019
swakzz29 1524919625 - GE13 may be Sarawakians


GE13 may be Sarawakians’ last chance to save state

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has expressed hope that Sarawakians will never lose sight of the harmonious co-existence of people in the state.

“We must jealously guard this most precious spirit of kinship and affinity, which is deeply felt by Sarawakians at home and abroad,” he said in his Chinese New Year’s message.

He, however, said that the people cannot be blind to the events of the past few decades, including a deliberate plan to divide and rule by politicising religion.

“My stand on religion is very clear. We are a secular nation, and Sarawak, Malaysia does not have an official religion,” he said, adding that the Federal Constitution guarantees the people freedom of religion.

“We must not let matters of personal belief tear us asunder,” he said.

On the Year of the Water Snake, Baru said that to the Chinese, the strengths of the snake are its great wisdom and gracious morality.

“As snakes grow, many of them shed their skin at various times, revealing shiny new skin underneath.

“The ancient Greeks and the Chinese believed that snakes possess healing properties. For this reason, snakes have become symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing,” he said.

Baru, who is also the State Assemblyman for Ba’Kelalan, urged the people to exercise their wisdom at the ballot boxes in the upcoming 13th general election.

“Let us take charge of our destiny by steering our course to one of rebirth and healing. This may well be our last chance to save what remains of our beloved Sarawak. With God’s grace, truth and justice will prevail,” he said.

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Radio activists channel anger in Sarawak

November 18, 2019
photo 1362035983720 1 HD - Radio activists channel anger in Sarawak


It’s 6 pm in rural Borneo and Iban tribesman Luang Anak Entiyang springs up to fetch his short-wave radio, tuning in the day’s broadcast of Radio Free Sarawak for a dozen fellow villagers.

Daylight melts away into the rainforest outside and the men of Menyang village sit on the floor of Luang’s simple home, leaning in to hear as callers commiserate over alleged government-backed grabs of indigenous lands.

The programme they are listening to has become so popular that authorities have threatened to jam it, activists and Malaysia’s opposition are handing out thousands of radios, and villages now plan their evenings around it.

“I think we would die without RFS,” Luang, 61, said of the two-hour broadcast.

“We used to eat dinner at this time, but now we listen to the radio first.”

It’s a scene that locals and activists say is repeated nightly in villages across Sarawak, where tribal communities in Malaysia’s most resource-rich state chafe at government-backed development.

In RFS’s nightly call-in show, their target is increasingly Sarawak’s powerful boss, Abdul Taib Mahmud, 76, who is criticised for building huge hydroelectric dams and other policies they say threaten traditional ways.

Tensions have smoldered for years but are being fanned anew by the pirate signal of RFS, broadcast from London and founded in 2010 by Sarawak-born British journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown, a fierce Taib critic.

RFS switched last year to a call-in format. “That is what really lifted the show — we opened up our phone lines and people have just come at us,” said Rewcastle-Brown, sister-in-law of former British premier Gordon Brown.

Sarawak’s media has been controlled for decades by Taib, but villagers say RFS has opened an exhilarating alternative.

“Before, all we would ever hear was how great Taib was,” said Luang.

By June, Malaysia must hold national elections in which the authoritarian government in charge for 56 years faces a formidable opposition challenge.

In Sarawak — a vast state on Borneo island of 2.5 million people, rich jungle habitats and powerful rivers — the challenge is aimed at Taib, who has dominated Sarawak as chief minister since 1981 and is Malaysia’s longest-serving state leader.

Critics accuse Taib — known for riding around in his Rolls-Royce cars — of massive graft, plundering once-rich timber stocks, and flooding forests and native lands with unnecessary dams.

Sarawak is among Malaysia’s poorest states, but Swiss-based forest protection group Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) says Taib could be worth as much as $15 billion, which would make him one of the world’s richest people.

With a close national vote seen, Malaysia’s opposition alliance hopes to gain potentially decisive parliamentary seats in Sarawak, where it holds just two of 31.

Radio in every village

Central to its strategy is RFS, which has allowed the opposition to reach out to rural areas deep in the rugged interior, circumventing Taib-controlled media.

“We want at least one radio in each village,” said Baru Bian, state chief of the opposition PKR.

Callers dial a Sarawak number to be heard on air. Luang said radios have become a sought-after item, and people rush home by 6 pm from farming or hunting in the rainforest.

Some callers report hiking for hours to high ground for a mobile phone signal, said Rewcastle-Brown, who adds that RFS is besieged by angry calls when its signal is disrupted, a claim backed up by villagers.

Sarawak officials have shown their irritation, accusing RFS of “poisoning” native minds, and threatening to jam it.

“They are free to broadcast, but not licensed to tell lies. RFS is telling people their land will be grabbed,” James Masing, Sarawak’s land minister, told AFP UMNO.

Taib’s office did not immediately grant an AFP interview request. He has said Sarawak’s backward economy must be developed to fight poverty and rejects the graft allegations.

But BMF Executive Director Lukas Straumann said Taib’s family and cronies are stealing billions from Sarawak and were the “chief culprits” in the loss of 95 percent of its original forests.

Taib, however, is vital to Malaysia’s ruling coalition — loss of his party’s seats would spell its doom — and has been spared central government scrutiny.

“He is basically untouchable,” Straumann said.

Fighting for land rights
Not on RFS, where Taib’s policies are torn into nightly by callers who say native land rights are being trampled.

Luang’s own village of Menyang, 15 kilometres from Indonesian Borneo, is beset by a land dispute sparked when plantation developers seized forests for logging and cultivation, manipulating native land rules with government collusion, residents say.

Village authorities deny the accusations.

Villagers last year twice blockaded access to the area and some local protest leaders were later briefly arrested.

“These forests have been ours for centuries,” Luang said, gesturing at green hills scarred by the developers’ clear-cutting.

“They supply our food, our medicine.”

The state-linked developers recently bought out some villagers, splitting the community, he said, but adds that RFS has stiffened the resolve of holdouts.

“We thought we were alone,” he said as Iban women wrapped in bright sarongs sat outside his house listening to a radio.

“But now we know people elsewhere are standing up, too.”

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Idle no more, Stand up and be counted

November 18, 2019
maxresdefault 940x529 - Idle no more, Stand up and be counted

Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s recent visit to the sleepy hollow of Long Lama, a remote logging outpost in Sarawak’s vast Baram region, was met with protests from indigenous groups over many issues plaguing their community.

Some 70 people took their protest right up to the doorsteps of Baram MP Jacob Dungau Sagan’s office, which hosted a function featuring Taib as the guest-of-honour last Saturday.

The protesters were armed with the placards with demands that included “Stop Baram dam!” and “Return our traditional land”.

NONEPeter Kallang, who heads the environmental group Save Rivers Network, told Malaysiakini that the protesters included Penan who travelled eight hours by boat to join the protest.

“Some of them had to pay up to RM300 for a round trip by boat to get there. In contrast, Taib and his entourage came in three helicopters,” Kallang said.

During the protest, he said, there were police personnel who tried to confiscate his loudhailer when he spoke to the protesters.

“I said that if Taib could use a loudspeaker, I should be given the same treatment.

“After that, the police gave me five minutes to talk. I complied because I didn’t want them to disturb us,” he said.

Kallang said the protesters also tried to hand over a protest note containing 3,000 signatures against the Baram dam to Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Numpang.

However, Alfred Jabu refused to accept the document and shooed them off.

Some had to camp out
On the BN event, Kallang said there were about 400 people in attendance, all rural indigenous folk who were brought to the event in four-wheel drive vehicles by BN UMNO workers.

NONE”Some of the Penan folk told me that they were under the impression that they were brought there to receive BR1M,” he said, referring to the Najib administration’s 1Malaysia People’s Aid RM500 cash handout programme.

Although some people qualified for BR1M, he said, those who didn’t received between RM50 and RM100 each as a token for their attendance.

After the event ended, not everyone who was brought to the event were provided with transportation back to their respective villages.

“About 20 people were stranded and stayed overnight under the tent where Taib spoke. We had to buy food for them,” Kallang added.

96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Fraudsters in UMNO

November 18, 2019
55F8A4F6 3BB8 4D18 A33E 6B7F683EFF99 940x627 - Fraudsters in UMNO

Sixty British investors have sued former Umno treasurer Datuk Seri Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi and his IT company, Doxport Technologies Sdn Bhd, for allegedly misappropriating US$4 million (RM12.4 million) in 2009.

Their lawyer, Hasnal Rezua Merican, said today that the British investors ― based in London and comprising both male and female professionals aged between 40 and 55 years, including bankers ― filed the suit in the High Court here last Wednesday against Doxport chairman Azim, director and CEO Sivalingam Thechinamoorthy, accounts department staff Gurmeet Kaur, and the firm.

“They (the claimants) invested money into purchasing Telekom switches and equity in Doxport,” Hasnal told The Malaysian Insider today.

“They were promised that the Telekom switches would be theirs and they would hold it under equity in Doxport… but documents were falsified, just to give them an appearance that the switches are running in Malaysia,” he added.

Hasnal said that the 60 British citizens had invested about US$4 million into Doxport Technologies in January 2009, when Azim was Umno treasurer. Azim, who is currently the Bukit Bintang Umno division chief, was replaced by Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah in April 2009.

Hasnal said that the investors lodged a police report in 2011 after discovering that there were no such Telekom switches operating in Malaysia.

“Some documents were generated to show that the switches were receiving calls through them. All these were given to our clients to believe that the switches were operating. But finally when they came down to Malaysia, no switches were visible… So they ended up without any equity in Doxport and without any switches,” he said.

The lawyer added that the investors had aimed to generate income from the traffic of calls recorded by the switches, which Doxport claimed would run in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Hasnal said the investors had come to know of Doxport after the company’s lawyer approached a British citizen in the Pakistani community in London.

“The investors were duped into believing that Doxport was carrying business activities in Cambodia. On the strength of the representation, they were asked to invest. But it was found out later that Doxport was never licensed to operate anything in Cambodia,” he said.

The lawyer added that the police have sent investigation papers to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, noting that the investigation took 14 months.

He said that the investors had also lodged a complaint with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in 2011, but pointed out that the regulator later decided not to press charges.

“The complaint was they (Doxport) were operating without licence. (But) the finding made by the investigators of MCMC is there seems to be no evidence that they are operating any business at all,” said Hasnal.

The lawyer said that the investors were suing for the return of their investments, besides seeking general and exemplary damages.

The investors have set up a website, which said that several British lawmakers have written to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on the case.

“I call upon your government to instigate a full investigation of the company by the appropriate regulatory authority so as to restore the confidence of UK investors into the Malaysian market,” Barry Gardiner, who is the Labour MP for Brent North, was quoted as saying.

“I have now written on your behalf to the Foreign Secretary and to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I also intend to raise a question in House regarding this case,” Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy was quoted as saying.

Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin will hold a press conference later today on the case.

Azim ― who served Bank Simpanan Nasional as chairman from 1999 to 2009, and the World Savings Bank Institute as vice-president from 2006 to 2009 ― is also tied up in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal as the chairman of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the main developer of the trans-shipment project.