96 Reasons why “Don’t Vote BN”

Nigerian Scammers

November 18, 2019
yahoo boys3 - Nigerian Scammers


What is it about?

Most Nigerians live in Malaysia are dealing with drugs and still working on cheating money. They are after both locals and foreigners. Nigerians use fake documents to get a student visa in Malaysia. They rent a home here, sign up in many sites hunting for more victims out there.

They involved in job scams, lottery scams, dating scams and 419 scams(Advance fee fraud) you will receive calls from a local woman or man impersonating a customs officer, telling you that a parcel(money) had been held up for custom checks and ask you to deposit money into a bank account for whatever reason before you can collect the parcel(money). STOP. IT’S A SCAM! These scammers are here to stay, they are serious, and their target is you.

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